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Creating a more secure account

A secure password will help protect your Motive account. Below are a few tips for creating a strong password and keeping it secure.

Creating your password:

  • Create your password using 8 characters or more. Passwords must include a combination of mixed case, numbers and symbols.
  • Make your password unique. Use a different password for each of your important accounts.
  • Long passwords are the strongest. Passwords over 20 characters are the gold standard and offer the most protection. Try using a passphrase that is easy to remember, such as a series of words that are memorable to you, a combination of random words.
  • Avoid using personal information in your password, such as important dates, initials, names of your children or pets and street addresses.
  • Avoid using common words and patterns, such as “password” or sequences like “123”.

Keep your passwords secure:

  • Change passwords regularly.
  • Use a password manager such as 1password.com or lastpass.com